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How digital media has changed the way we receive our news?

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Internet and the digital media has done an incredible job in the past few decades. With the coming of internet everything has gone online. From business website, to entertainment channels, one could find everything and anything online. Similarly, the way we received news has been completely changed. Gone are the days when people used to wait for the newspapers to come early morning and then they would read the news.


With the evolution of internet, comes the way today people look at information. Through digital media, news today can be disseminated within a short time to a huge audience. The digital media and the online news websites have a huge advantage over the newspapers and print media today. They can post articles and posts and get all the coverage of breaking news within a few minutes. Moreover, with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other leading social media platforms, news providing websites and portals today can be in the center of action, and can even report events live as they happen.


While for some from the old school still prefer reading newspapers in the morning. The younger generation, with the changing times, today, just likes to scroll through the website or the app of their favorite news provider while travelling, grabbing a cup of coffee at work, or anytime on their mobile devices, laptops, etc. Statistics indicate that progressively, whenever people have a little spare time, they are likely to tap in to their favorite news presenting source to get the latest updates on any given subject.

Traditionally, whenever a latest News item was picked, it needed to go through a long process before it finally goes to the printing/television. It needs to go through several journalistic stages, including, approval. Then a journalist would work on it, and would finally pass it to the sub-editor who would then work on it and would further pass it to the editor for the final edits; eventually going to the press. Well, everything today happens the same way, but instead of hours, this would only take minutes to go through the process. And this is how the general audience today gets the most updated news stories within no time after the incident happens.


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